Installation detail of Zeen at Fisher Library, University of Sydney, 2015

Installation detail of Zeen at Fisher Library, University of Sydney, 2015


Curated by Leigh Rigozzi

Encompassing comic and zine art, correspondence, original drawings, production ephemera and other published works, ZEEN 2 is a selection of items from Leigh Rigozzi's collection, with a few additional items loaned by the artists involved. ZEEN 2 showcases some of the innovative print techniques, broad ideas and diverse formats employed by zine artists. ZEEN 2 is a condensed version of Rigozzi's exhibition ZEEN, shown at Sydney University's Fisher Library earlier this year. 

Leigh Rigozzi is a Sydney-based artist and zine maker. He has exhibited in various locations around Australia, self-published dozens of zines, and edited two editions of Australian comics anthology Blood & Thunder.

a history written by artists (books made by artists that are not artist books)

Curated by Adrian Gebers

Chosen under the conditions of Artist-authored published works, these books, magazines and journals present a overview of the introduction of international art to Australia.  It’s a history played out on both sides and recorded through published works that are used to advocate, educate and contextualise opposing positions by the people with the most at stake.  The published works are not intended as artworks, but are made as a means to an end, components of an expanded artistic practice where artists not only produce the artwork, but must create the space and context for their presentation and the intellectual scene for their discussion.

Adrian Gebers is an artist and writer.  From 2010-13 he was a co-director of Peloton, a Sydney ARI. His research focuses on the structures through which meaning is made and the particular history of Sydney’s art world.

Stephen Jones, Stonehenge, 1978

Stephen Jones, Stonehenge, 1978

Visual Music

Stephen Jones

A selection of video works by Stephen Jones produced between 1978 and 2010 that attempt to replicate the visual effects caused by psychedelic drugs. The earliest works use colourisers and feedback, as well as bespoke video synthesisers built by Jones for his nine-year collaboration with the electronic music group Severed Heads.

Stephen Jones is an Australian video artist, curator, video engineer and conservator of long standing. He currently works in the conservation of electronic art and is further researching the history of the electronic arts in Australia. His book Synthetics: Aspects of Art and Technology in Australia, 1956-1975 was published by MIT Press in 2011.


Kelly Doley, Things Learnt About Feminism #1-#95, 52 x 60 cm, ink on 220 gsm card, 2014

Kelly Doley, Things Learnt About Feminism #1-#95, 52 x 60 cm, ink on 220 gsm card, 2014


Kelly Doley

This project transforms the live moment between artist and participant into 95 originally designed posters about feminism. Each slogan is translated from 16 lessons the artist received on feminism (The Learning Centre: Two Feminists, 2012). The thoughts, ideas and facts passed on through these conversations are collated to create an expanded archive of feminist thought, predictions and histories, while riffing off the tropes and clichés of the political poster and slogan.

Kelly Doley is an artist living and working in Sydney, and currently a One Year Studio Artist at Artspace. Doley's practice is research-led, process-driven and informed by feminist and queer theory. Her recent projects explore perceptions of the future, conversations as artworks and alternative pedagogical models. Her practice aims to ask critical questions about performance as a research tool and locate ways of using the social, live and embodied experience of conversation to create propositions for virtual feminist futures.